Metal signs customization

Choosing the Right Metal Sign for Your Home

Right Metal Sign

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Here’s an overview of choosing a metal sign for your home.

How to Decide on a Metal Sign

The first step in deciding on a metal sign is considering your preferences. Every home’s layout is different, so a metal sign might fit differently depending on your house. There are also some other things to consider:

  • Location: Before selecting a design, consider where you want to place your metal sign. Do you have enough wall space to hang it carefully? Do you want it in the kitchen or in a hallway? Would you prefer it outdoors? If you want to place your metal sign outside, you might want to look at more durable options. Either way, think about where you want to locate it before choosing your outdoor or indoor metal art.

Custom Metal Signs

  • Design: Consider which style you want before selecting a style for your sign. Metal art is available in many styles, from three-dimensional to flat. If you have a design in mind, like a picture or letter, think about what format you want for the sign. From there, you can start looking at specific design choices.

metal sign

Design Options

The great thing about metal signs is that they’re available in several options. Whether you have a specific style in mind or are looking for some ideas, check out these design option examples:


  • Family-oriented signs: Many families want to accentuate their homes with an individualized metal sign. With a customizable family metal sign, you can implement a family name or initial onto your wall art. This style lets you show off your family pride or adds a flair that makes your place feel like home. Just choose a font and color, then submit the name you want to portray, and you’re all set.
  • Monograms: Monograms are the perfect way to display initials, brands or symbols. You can add one or two symbols to make a unique design all your own. Metal materials are ideal for monograms because you can shape the material into any letter design you want. Simply choose the letters or symbols you want and place your order.

Design Options

  • Address designs: Display your address with a personalized metal address sign outside your home. Outdoor metal signs are highly durable, so they can stand up against wear and tear for years. You could hang it or prop it up, depending on your preference.
  • Specific designs: You can also browse various metal signs for specific pictures or designs. For instance, this metal mountain deer design is a unique piece of artwork for your home. On the other hand, this metal beach sign could be beautiful in your hallway. Even if you don’t have a specific style in mind, you can find numerous unique art styles to suit your home perfectly.
  • Special occasions: Lastly, many metal signs are a perfect decoration for special occasions. Whether you’re decorating for a wedding, a dinner party or anything in between, you can customize a metal sign for your needs. For example, check out this metal heart-shaped design for a wedding decoration.
Metal signs customization

Minimalist Guide To Choosing Custom Metal Signs

Custom Metal Signs

Custom metal signs are an extremely popular choice for commercial establishments due to the longer life and enduring high-quality appearance, which result in the best value for the investment.

In regards to choices, custom metal signs offer a large variety of options for every need and taste, here are a few:

Custom Outdoor Metal Personalized Sign

Custom Outdoor Metal Personalized Sign

  • Custom metal signs can be made from stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, chrome aluminum.
  • Ability to customize shapes, sizes, and thicknesses
  • Can be digitally printed with different finishes, full color, single color, and spot color prints
  • Custom metal signs looked great when engraved.
  • Can be anodized to look like different metals, like gold, silver and brass
  • Add backlight or a custom wall graphic behind the sign to stand out even more

Aluminum Weatherproof Metal Sign

Aluminum Weatherproof Metal Sign

Tips for Choosing Custom Metal Signs

Look for in-house graphic design sign experts

Finding a sign provider that offers in-house graphic design services will save time along with the headache of choosing your sign options. This team can create the graphics for you along with providing the expertise of what will work best for your need and application. An in-house design team that are experts at custom metal signs is a huge win.


Metal signs customization

A Guide to Custom Cut Metal Signs

Metal Signs

One way to capture the attention of the buying public is to invest in a custom cut metal sign that is visually compelling, easy to read, and at least hints at what the benefits are of your products and services. Durable, versatile and customizable, these signs are favored by small and large businesses alike because they create a unique brand identity, increase foot traffic and generate more revenue.

If you are looking to get the most out of your sign, please continue reading this guide to learn what it takes to build the best custom cut metal sign for your business.

Process Overview: Metal Fabrication
The difference between an unappealing and a high-quality custom cut metal sign generally is determined by the fabrication capabilities of the sign maker. Obviously, the more capable, the more creative, the more compelling the sign will be. These capabilities include, among others, design, material selection, cutting, bending, shaping, drilling, powder coating, welding and assembly.

Personalized custom White 007 Aluminum Metal Sign

Aluminum Metal Sign

Custom cut metal signs come with a range of benefits, some of which include:

Custom cut metal signs


Custom cut metal signs offer a high return on investment as they last long, withstand harsh weather and resist corrosion. Not only are custom cut metal signs durable, but they also are virtually maintenance free, usually requiring little more than occasional cleaning.

Multiple Placement Options

BA IMAGE Personalized Custom Metal Sign

There is no limit to where one can place a custom cut metal sign. They work just as well outside as they do inside and are perfect for building entrances, reception areas, meeting rooms, showrooms and more.

At Precision Cutting Service, we like to say that our only limitation is your imagination. Custom cut metal signs can be designed and produced in virtually any shape or size you want and with as many layers are you want. There simply is no limit to what you can achieve with a custom cut metal sign.

Easy Installation
Custom cut metal signs, particularly aluminum signs, are easy to install because from the beginning our signs are designed and manufactured with installation in mind.

While there are multiple options to choose from, what makes one signage material better than the other? Depending on the budget and concept, a business can choose stainless-steel, aluminium, brass, bronze or copper or mix and match different materials. Stainless-steel is a popular signage material. It is durable and works well with or without color, allows service providers to apply eye-catching finishes and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Aluminium on the other hand, is the most frequently used material because of its strength, light weight and affordability. Brass and copper are not quite as popular but nevertheless make stunning signs, particularly when brushed or polished.


Metal signs customization

What Are The Best Materials For Outdoor Signs?

Best Materials

When you are designing a business sign, you obviously need to consider the materials of which it will be made. There are so many choices out there, and each one might be the one that fits your vision. However, there is one little problem here, and that problem is the weather. Most business signs are placed outdoors and there is no doubt that the outdoor signs are the most important. These are the initial points of contact which bring people through the door. If you want them to hold up for a long time, you want them to be made of durable material. Still, no one wants to throw beauty and aesthetics out the window, either. With all this in mind, we ask the question: What are the best materials for outdoor signs?

1. Aluminum And Aluminum Composite Materials

Aluminum Weatherproof Metal Sign

Aluminum is an obvious choice here, and there are multiple things that make it a good one. First of all, being made of metal, these signs are a lot more durable than any plastic will ever be. Although it requires a lot of refining, aluminum is one of the most abundant materials on earth. As such, it tends to be cheaper than most other metals. Steel might be cheaper, but it will eventually rust and corrode. Aluminum has no such problem. Without any doubt, aluminum is the cheapest of the non-corroding metals.

There are many aluminum composite materials on the market as well. These will usually make use of an outer shell made of pure aluminum. The inside may be hollow, or it might be filled with some kind of plastic, foam, and/or polymer. Dibond and Aluminite are two well-known examples of aluminum composite materials. Most of these tend to be very good, offering the durability and shine of aluminum with less weight and a cheaper price tag. When it comes to longevity, aluminum and its composites seem to be the best.

2. Acrylic And Plexiglass Signs

Acrylic And Plexiglass Signs

Acrylics are a type of plastic that can be used much like glass. This is why many people refer to them as “plexiglass.” There are many varieties, but all of these materials offer exceptional visual appeal at a pretty low price. When pigment is added, these signs have a distinctive way of making colors stand out. It is almost like the effect of the stained-glass window. Speaking of which, acrylic signs can make better use of natural light due to their semi-translucent nature.

Obviously, when it comes to the front of a lighted cabinet sign, acrylics are the material of choice. In many cases, acrylics are used to mimic the classy appearance of smooth, polished glass. Obviously, making your business sign from actual glass would be a stupid idea. Acrylics give you that same crystal-clear appearance without nearly the same risk of breakage.

3. Treated Wooden Signs

Treated Wooden Signs

Normal wood is not suitable for the making of an outdoor sign. It might do well in the short term, but it will rot before long. The repeated cost of replacing such a sign would not be worth incurring. However, you can still potentially use wood as a signage material. It simply needs to be well-treated against the ravages of the elements.

Treated wood is obviously more expensive, but it’s well worth its extra cost. Even if you buy “treated” lumber, you will still want to coat it with polyurethane. These relatively simple poly coatings can be brushed onto the surfaces of the sign or sprayed for a more even coating. Even then, you should not use wood for the load-bearing members to prevent the danger of a potential collapse.

Another good option is to use treated wood in combination with other materials. For instance, you could make the bulk of the sign from aluminum and then add a wooden facade in the front. For businesses that want to go with a more “rustic” look, nothing can match real wood. It could be as simple as a series of logs, cut in half and stacked vertically. Your business name, logo, and other information could then be engraved into the wood.

Metal signs customization

Custom Metal Signage Is Also a Perfect Gift

metal sign

Custom Metal Signs, Decor, Project

Custom Metal Signs

Click button to take you directly to custom inquiry page.
Do you have an idea or need help creating that vision – we can help.
We help clients with metal design, fabrication, coloring & install.
Personalized signs, gifts, fabulous wall decor….what do you have in mind?

Custom Metal Signs for business

Custom Metal Signs for business

Business Branding: Get noticed!
Let’s create a unique durable custom metal signs so your customers remember you.
Great for social marketing: Zoom wall, Instagram wall to tag your company and get you new followers.
We create multi layer metal panels signs.
Add LED lighting to your custom metal sign and really be memorable!
Metal signs help in sustainability ratings.

Personalized family sign…forever sign

Personalized family sign

Family Heirloom
A personalized family sign is the one item you know will  get a special place in the home and make it thru every move.
Let’s collaborate to develop your custom metal sign with family meaning including names and design unique to your clan.

Metal signs customization

High-Quality Custom Metal Signs On Amazon

Metal Sign

What is a Metal Sign?

Metal signs are excellent visual communication tools to build your brand’s image while simultaneously promoting your values, competitive edge, products, and services. These multi-purpose signs are durable enough for indoor and outdoor settings. They can be molded and customized according to your specific needs and goals.

Whatever those may be, you can count on  to create exceptional quality metal signs that put your company’s best foot forward and help you get ahead of competitors

bsest metal sign

Types of Metal Signs 

Aluminum signs

Customize Aluminum signs

If you want signs that are lightweight, pliable, and extremely resilient, choose aluminum signs. They are excellent for outdoor usage since they are built to resist rust and water damage. We also recommend aluminum metal signs for entrepreneurs who want a professional finish in their visual communication tools but don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets.

Stainless steel signs

Stainless steel signs

With its simple yet classy charm, stainless steel is a staple for many offices and commercial facilities in Los Angeles. At Dynamic Sign & Graphic Solutions, we apply a special coating to ensure that your stainless-steel signs have a longer lifespan and are more resistant to damage.

Alumalite signs

Alumalite signs

If you want to maximize your marketing budget, we highly recommend extremely heavy-duty Alumalite signs. It’s one of the toughest signage materials and can last for several years.

Why Choose Metal Signs ?

  1. Timeless charisma: Metal signs never go out of style. For decades, they have been used in various establishments, from law firms and corporate offices to appliance stores and upscale restaurants.
  2. Brand cohesiveness: Metal logo signs are excellent for brands with a strong, highly professional, modern, minimalist, and edgy appeal. Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more about the specific signage types and designs that will work best with your branding requirements.
  3. Multi-purpose signs: Apart from beautifully showcasing your brand’s trademark, there are many other applications and uses of metal signs. It includes providing room identification, wayfinding information, and parking space directional cues.
  4. Make a positive and lasting impression: When installed in your lobby, interior metal office signs showcase your brand’s unique personality to customers. If you use them outside as dimensional metal letters or hanging signs, they can help your establishment stand out and bring in more customers. In either setting, having your metal signs illuminated will make them look more eye-catching and appealing.
Metal signs customization

Metal Signs : Why Choose Metal Signs?

Metal signs

Metal signs : Today, we’ll take at metal signs and why they are a great choice for your business.

In this article, you will discover the great benefits of metal signs

Metal Signs Stand Up To Harsh Weather

You are well aware of the harsh climate conditions and what that can do particularly to your outdoor signage. Aluminum and stainless steel are particularly resistant to both rust and moisture so they make great choices for storefront, pylon, and monument signs.Stainless steel is made with an agent called chromium that helps to protect it against corrosion. Aluminum is also quite resistant to corrosion because when it is exposed to oxygen, a thin invisible oxide forms on its exterior which protects it from oxidation.



If you are looking for a sign that is literally going to shine, then a metal one is a great options. Metal signs look particularly nice as interior office signs behind reception desks and outside of office doors.

You can choose between a few different finish options such as brushed, polished, or mirrored to give you just the level of shine that you are looking for.




Many professional offices such as lawyers, courtrooms, education, and medical facilities will choose interior signs made from metal because they look classic and professional.

There are different types of metal that you can select as well such as aluminum, brass, or copper each one having a distinct colour so you can choose the one that will suit your branding and design the best.


Most exterior signs are made either in part or all metal because metal is so strong. Some metal signs incorporate the use of natural materials such as stone for aesthetic appeal. Metal can also form a great frame for digital and illuminated signs as well.

You can use metal in combination with other materials for your interior signage. For example you coule create a sign that has a beautiful brushed aluminum background combined with vinyl letters mounted on top. This will give you a classic shiny background with easy-to-read, colourful lettering.

Metal signs customization

A Detailed Guide To Metal Signage

Metal Sign

Metal signs can be made from a variety of different metals and metal laminates. Each material has certain benefits and features to suit the varying needs of any kind of business.

Any material the client likes can be used to create a metal signs with the image and/or lettering they’re looking for.

Solid Metal Signs 

Metal Foundry Personalised

Of course, solid metal is the highest standard in custom signs, cut and finished to your exact stipulations.

Solid metal signs can be treated for interior or exterior use to ensure durability. For example, brass is treated to prevent tarnish and color changes. Such coatings can last for up to seven years.

Metal Logos 

Metal Logos 

uses a variety of different materials to create our metal signs. In this way, we can adapt to the many different looks and budgets our clients require. We use mainly solid metals like aluminum, bronze, copper, stainless steel and corten steel.

CorTen is the trade name of a steel alloy material. It’s a weathering steel that’s corrosion resistant. Left uncoated, it develops an outer layer patina that protects the steel from addition corrosion.

What metal signs are made of depends on your unique needs and your company’s budget. Here are some of the processes used to create unique and beautiful metal signs.

ELECTROPLATED ALUMINUM …”The Rich Look of Solid Metal, at a Practical Price”

Aluminum Weatherproof Metal Sign

When your image needs the high-quality look of solid metal, but your budget demands a practical alternative, it’s time to consider a logo or sign product made from Metal Logos‘ Electroplated Aluminum. You can achieve the solid metal look in a variety of finishes, and your logo or sign product will be made to the same exacting specifications that Metal logos gives to all of our work.

Metal Logos is one of the few sign shops in the country that electroplate their aluminum signs to make them any metal alloy the client chooses.

Electroplating is also known as electrodeposition, because the process involves depositing a thin layer of metal onto the surface of a work piece, which is known as the substrate.

With electroplated aluminum, you can have the rich look of solid metal at a cost-effective price. We can achieve the look of solid metal in a variety of finishes, including



Bright Brushed Brass Tones


Pewter Polished Chrome

Gun Metal



Get the flexibility and rigidity that your installation demands with a Flat-Cut Metal sign product from Metal Logos. Great for demanding exterior applications, and available in just about any size, Flat-Cut Metal sign products from Metal Logos will give you accurate reproduction in any application.


Sometimes called “Channel Lettering,” Metal Logos Fabricated sign products are so much more! We can render complex logo styles or add dimension to demanding applications.

It’s an architect’s dream! Metal Logos consistently outperforms the competition when it comes to fit, finish, and design accuracy of Fabricated sign products.

Metal signs customization

That Wall Looks Lonely

Metal Sign

Since The 16Th Century, Metal Signs Have Been Used For Advertising. No Wonder They Have Gained Such Popularity, Metal Signs Offer A Classic Style Yet Unmatched Durability.

It has been said,” A business with no signs, is a sign of no business.”  At Macy Industries, we understand that a sign is the best way to attract potential customers.  We are able to fabricate custom signs and one-of-a-kind metal sculptures that deliver the desired look and feel you want to represent your business.

If you need a sign that is sturdy and versatile, steel is an option to consider.  However, if you prefer something lightweight, with rust-resistant qualities, and economical, aluminum may best suit your needs.

Camping Collection

Camping Collection

Choose a metal sign option from our Camping Collection. Whether you have a travel trailer, fifth wheel, popup camper or an RV we have a sign, many of which are able to be personalized, that will represent your love for camping and the great outdoors. We offer multiple versions of outdoor signs so you can stake them in the ground at your campsite. We are adding some fun signs for your camper or RV along with some cool fire pit favorites.

Sports Collection

Sports Collection

If your life revolves around your sports, we have something for you. If you don’t see it here contact us and we’ll see what we can do. From medal hangers to signs that pay tribute to our favorite sports, our Sports Collection is always growing.

Animal Collection

Metal Sign 1

We all have a favorite animal or pet in our lives. So many of our pets have become part of our families, providing emotional support and unconditional love for which we owe a debt of gratitude. This metal sign collection provides us with the opportunity to express our love and appreciation for our furry friends. We have grouped our animal-related signs into this collection to make it easier to find the perfect match for you.

Metal signs customization

3 Best Options for Weather Safe Metal Sign Materials

Metal Sign Materials

Metal signs are easily some of the most popular sign materials available today. They are durable, great for printing color, and make for high quality, long-lasting displays.

But depending on what you’re using the sign for, you may need to be careful about which metal you choose. Not every type of metal is suited for outdoor signs.

Some are easily prone to damage or may lead to wear and tear that affects the look of your sign over time.

What Makes a Metal Safe Weather Sign?

The most important feature of weather-safe metal signs is that it is resistant to rain damage. It rains and snows a great deal on the East Coast, and if a sign can’t withstand that witness it shouldn’t be outdoors. You should also try to locate a sign that is resistant to warping, and – if possible – a sign that will not overheat during the warmer New York summers.

Types of Weatherproof Metal Signs

With that in mind, the best options are the following:

Aluminum Signs

Stainless Steel Signs

Brass Signs

Aluminum signs are ideal. These signs are lightweight and cost-efficient. All signs have the potential to erode over time, but aluminum signs are highly resistant to damage from most major weather conditions, won’t rust, and can generally be easily cleaned.

Stainless steel signs are also an excellent choice. Known for their durability, stainless steel may be a bit more expensive than other types of signs, but has the ability to resist a great deal of damage from most weather conditions and is very long lasting. It is also resistant to blunt damage, more so than aluminum.

Finally, although a little less versatile than stainless steel and aluminum, brass is often a solid choice for many types of outdoor signs. They are especially useful for smaller designs, as well as door/room information and another labeling.

Other Sign Options

There are other types of metal signs you can consider, including cast iron and bronze (the latter of which can become more weather resistant when coated). There are also non-metal signs that are weather resistant, like several types of wood signs and vinyl banners.